Bluelite C Calf Electrolyte Energy Vitamins 25 Pounds Show Cattle Stress Scour
Bluelite C Calf Electrolyte Energy Vitamins 25 Pounds Show Cattle Stress Scour

Bluelite C Calf Electrolyte Energy Vitamins 25 Pounds Show Cattle Stress Scour. BlueLite C is an aromatic, flavored electrolyte rehydration formula in combination with multiple sources of readily available energy specifically designed for the young calf prior to weaning. The acidifying action of BlueLite C makes it ideal to use with whole milk or milk replacer as it does not inhibit clot formation of milk solids like many alkaline products. BlueLite C mixes easily with milk, milk replacer and water, facilitating its use when fed via a pail, nipple bottle or through an esophageal feeder. Acidification Action BlueLite C, in addition to providing a multiple source of electrolytes and energy, is an acidifier specifically designed for use in calves when their primary source of nutrients is whole milk or milk replacer. To illustrate the acidifying action of BlueLite C, mix two ounces of the product with eight to twelve ounces of 3.5 percent milk and stir with a spoon. Within two to three minutes, the whole milk solids will coagulate or curdle, helping facilitate their digestion and assimilation by the young calf. Young calves have a juvenile or very limited digestive capacity, and as such cannot utilize large quantities of milk at one time. By adding BlueLite C to the milk or milk replacer, the calf receives additional or supplemental curdling and acidifying fortification to help digest milk solids. Many alkaline calf rehydration products actually inhibit curdling or coagulation, therefore, they are not recommended to be fed with milk or milk replacer. BlueLite C not only provides gentle acidification action, but it is not irritating compared to many alkaline products that are not buffered. The irritating or burning action of many alkaline rehydration products is self-evident when stirred or mixed by hands that may harbor open cuts or wounds. Health – Fluid Electrolyte, Energy Reserves Water or tissue fluid represents over 75 percent of the young calfs body weight. Older calves or mature cattle have a lower percentage body fluid because of greater concentration of solid tissue mass. Electrolytes serve as the primary way in which the body balances its fluids in the three compartments of the body where the fluid is held. Through the electrolytes and their osmotic pressure, the body fluids are maintained at proper levels or balance between intracellular fluid within the cells in relation to the fluid of the interstitial tissue outside the cells and blood vascular fluid. Without adequate water and electrolytes, the body cannot maintain its proper fluid balance between the compartments and the tissues start to wither or dehydrate. Young calves require a constant source of readily available energy as they have less energy reserves than the older calf or adult bovine that carries vast energy reserves in the form of body fat. The young calf, with little body fat, has a very limited source of energy to call on from the blood and liver. These blood and liver reserves are frequently depleted in 24-48 hours following stresses that result in dehydration. Calves suffering from diarrhea quickly lose their reserves of energy and develop hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) which is evidenced by listlessness and depression. Calves in this condition require both a readily available source of energy and electrolytes in ample volumes of fluid to avoid further depression which, if not corrected, leads to coma and death. Calves losing 5-8 percent of their body fluid and electrolytes as a result of dehydration encounter impaired growth and tissue maintenance. Fluid losses equaling 10-15 percent of the body weight result in severe tissue damage and may result in death if not corrected. Enteric infections caused by viruses and E. Coli can quickly dehydrate the calf as fluids are lost via the stools through hypermotility of the digestive tract. In a field trial where 34 calves were bought and moved onto the farm, the 17 calves fed BlueLite C rehydrated by 2.3 percent of their body weight in 48 hours and 5.8 percent after 96 hours. The control calves were fed exactly the same as the BlueLite C calves mentioned above, except the control calves did not receive BlueLite C and rehydrated by only 0.2 percent after 48 hours and 2.4 percent after 96 hours. In a series of comparative evaluations regarding the rehydration value of BlueLite C, the body weights of calves suffering from dehydration and scours were recorded to determine the value of extra fluid feeding or intake. In these trials, calves were given milk replacer in the morning and evening and an additional feeding of water at noon equal to the amount of fluid fed in the morning or night. Calves receiving BlueLite C in all three feedings rehydrated by 10.2 percent of their body weight after 48 hours, while the control calves not receiving the BlueLite C rehydrated by 6.3 percent. These comparisons indicated that dehydrated calves would benefit by both the feeding of BlueLite C and the additional fluid. Directions for use for calves 80 to 100 pounds in size: 1. To help prevent dehydration for calves fed twice a day, feed the following mixture: 2 quarts of water 1/2 pound milk replacer 2 ounces BlueLite C2 quarts of whole milk 2 ounces BlueLite C 2. For severely dehydrated calves, feed the following mixture four times a day: 1-1/2 quarts of water 1/4 pound milk replacer 2 ounces BlueLite C1 quart of whole milk 1/2 quart warm water 2 ounces BlueLite C 3. For mildly dehydrated calves, feed the following mixture three times a day: 1-1/2 quarts water 1/3 pound milk replacer 2 ounces BlueLite C1 quart of whole milk 1/2 quart warm water 2 ounces BlueLite C 4. For calves weighing less than 80 pounds or more than 100 pounds, adjust dosage proportionally according to body weight. When administering fluids via an esophageal tube or by drenching, mix the fluids and the BlueLite C to provide one ounce of BlueLite C powder for each 10 pounds body weight on a daily basis. NOTE: The measure in the pail holds approximately 4 ounces of BlueLite C when level full. CAUTION: Calves showing symptoms of coma, shock or that are too weak to stand should be treated as directed by a veterinarian. Before purchasing any items/product, please insure your country allows this product to be imported. Canceling an Order If you need to cancel an order or make changes, the request must be made within one hour of placing the order and confirmed by an E-Commerce Customer Service Representative. The following rules apply: · Products must be in original packaging and in a new and resalable condition. · Any product that was used or fully/partially installed is non-returnable. Excellent customer service and competitive pricing, is what you will receive when purchasing from Livestock Concepts. We supply a complete line of animal health supplies to livestock producers, veterinarians, pet and equine owners, as well as hobby farmers. We offer over 14,000 items for cattle, swine, sheep, goats horses, pets, birds and exotic animals. We market to 50 states as well as over 60 countries. We provide fast, friendly service, and cherish our customers. Books & Educational Items. Buckets, Tubs & Feeders. Clothing & Boots & Belts. Lawn Garden & BackYard. Pet Equipment & Treats. Rodent & Pest Control. The item “Bluelite C Calf Electrolyte Energy Vitamins 25 Pounds Show Cattle Stress Scour” is in sale since Saturday, November 13, 2021. 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