Cydectin Pour On Cattle Cows Dairy Worm Lice Mange 2.5 Liter
Cydectin Pour On Cattle Cows Dairy Worm Lice Mange 2.5 Liter

Cydectin Pour On Cattle Cows Dairy Worm Lice Mange 2.5 Liter. For Treatment of Infections and Infestations Due to Internal and External Parasites of Beef and Dairy Cattle Mange, lice and other parasitic infections in dairy cows can increase disease susceptibility and reduce milk production. CYDECTIN® Pour-On (moxidectin) provides persistent control of internal parasites, and broad control of external parasites, resulting in increased opportunities for milk production. Dairy cows treated with CYDECTIN Pour-On produced more than 240 lbs. More milk over 88 days than untreated controls. Parasites can delay time to first breeding, increase heifer raising costs and even trim up to 200 pounds of milk off the first lactation. CYDECTIN Pour-On parasite control helps keep heifers cleaner longer, maximizing weight gain for on-time breeding, calving and entry into the milking herd. In a study, dairy heifers treated with the Purple Pour-On gained an average of 44 lbs. More weight than controls. CYDECTIN Pour-On kills a variety of mange mites, lice, grubs, and horn flies. In a trial of 1,100 mange-infected dairy cows, animals treated with CYDECTIN Pour-On produced nearly 10 lbs. More milk on first DHI test date than untreated controls. Superior persistency results in fewer parasite eggs shed, reduced pasture parasite levels and increased opportunities for milk production and weight gain. CYDECTIN Pour-On provides persistent activity against several key species, including the brown stomach worm Ostertagia , the most costly internal parasite of cattle in the United States. Zero milk withholding and zero slaughter withdrawal you can treat, milk and market animals at your convenience. Weatherproof formulation pour on CYDECTIN Pour-On rain or shine. Unique purple marker dye makes it easy to identify treated animals. No impact on beneficial dung beetle populations. CYDECTIN (moxidectin) Pour-On is a ready-to-use topical formulation intended for direct application to the hair and skin in a narrow strip extending along the top of the back from the withers to the tailhead (see Figure 1). Due to the angular topline characteristic of most dairy breeds, it is recommended that all pour-on products be applied slowly to dairy cows. Apply to healthy skin avoiding any mange scabs, skin lesions, mud or manure. Treated cattle can be easily recognized by the characteristic purple color, which will remain for a short period of time after treatment. The recommended rate of administration is 1 mL for each 22 lb (10 kg) body weight which provides 0.5 mg moxidectin for each 2.2 lb (0.5 mg/kg) body weight. The table below will assist in the calculation of the appropriate volume of pour-on which must be applied based on the weight of animal being treated. Before purchasing any items/product, please insure your country allows this product to be imported. Canceling an Order If you need to cancel an order or make changes, the request must be made within one hour of placing the order and confirmed by an E-Commerce Customer Service Representative. The following rules apply: · Products must be in original packaging and in a new and resalable condition. · Any product that was used or fully/partially installed is non-returnable. Excellent customer service and competitive pricing, is what you will receive when purchasing from Livestock Concepts. We supply a complete line of animal health supplies to livestock producers, veterinarians, pet and equine owners, as well as hobby farmers. We offer over 14,000 items for cattle, swine, sheep, goats horses, pets, birds and exotic animals. We market to 50 states as well as over 60 countries. We provide fast, friendly service, and cherish our customers. Books & Educational Items. Buckets, Tubs & Feeders. Clothing & Boots & Belts. Lawn Garden & BackYard. Pet Equipment & Treats. Rodent & Pest Control. The item “Cydectin Pour On Cattle Cows Dairy Worm Lice Mange 2.5 Liter” is in sale since Monday, November 13, 2017. This item is in the category “Business & Industrial\Agriculture & Forestry\Livestock Supplies\Cattle – Beef”. The seller is “livestockconcepts” and is located in Hawarden, Iowa. This item can be shipped to United States.
  • Brand: Boehringer Ingelheim BI Fort Dodge
  • Model: Cydectin Pour On Livestock Dairy Cattle Wormer
  • MPN: WI-0000484
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