UltraCruz Cattle Copper Bolus Supplement for Calves, 100 Count x 12.5 Grams
UltraCruz Cattle Copper Bolus Supplement for Calves, 100 Count x 12.5 Grams

Santa Cruz Animal Health. Livestock Health Care Supplies. Companion Animal Health Care. UltraCruz Cattle Copper Bolus Supplement for Calves, 100 Count x 12.5 Grams. Description: UltraCruz Cattle Copper Bolus is an excellent source of slow-release Copper designed to provide beef and dairy cattle with this essential trace mineral in order to support a healthy hair coat and proper growth as well as aid in the prevention of Copper deficiency and support the body’s resistance to parasites. These convenient, long lasting boluses contain Copper Oxide particles for the prevention and treatment of Copper responsive conditions in all cattle. Under most conditions, these boluses provide 12 months of sustained Copper supplementation. Copper deficiency is a common problem in cattle, therefore these boluses are especially beneficial for cattle living in Copper-deficient areas. Oral bolus for beef and dairy cattle. Supports growth and a healthy hair coat. Promotes healthy immune system function. Supplied as 100 boluses (Each bolus is 12.5 grams). Ingredients: Copper Oxide Particles. Directions: Seek the advice of a veterinarian or cattle husbandry specialist to ascertain copper status and the type of supplementation required for cattle under consideration. Calves from 150 to 500 lbs bodyweight and over 3 months of age: 1 (12.5 g) capsule. For animals over 500 lbs: 1 (25 g) capsule. A single dose typically lasts 8 months to 1 year. Administer the capsule orally with a suitable balling gun. Regurgitation may be possible with any capsule or bolus if not administered properly. To be effective, capsules must be swallowed. Administer only intact capsules. Do not administer to cattle of unknown copper status or those supplemented with other sources of copper. UltraCruz Cattle Copper Bolus should not be administered to newborn calves. Copper toxicity in neonates has been reported. Do not use in cattle suffering from jaundice or any other liver disorder. Under most conditions, readministration will not be necessary for at least 12 months. Excessive levels of molybdenum, selenium, sulfur, or iron in feed or water may impair copper absorption. For use in cattle only. Storage: Storage: Store in a cool (below 85F), dry place. Cautions: Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. NOTE: Please report any adverse side effects to Santa Cruz Animal Health and consult your veterinarian. _gsrx_vers_841 GS 7.0.16 (841). This item is in the category “Business & Industrial\Agriculture & Forestry\Livestock Supplies\Animal Health & Veterinary”. The seller is “santacruzanimalhealth” and is located in this country: US. This item can be shipped to United States.
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